Recommended Resources

Please see below list of recommended resources to help you manage your household finances.  All products that we have used and highly recommend!    

Disclosure: Please note some of the resources below are affiliate links to help support this site. 


Personal Capital: The best free online tracking tool that automatically pulls all your account data (investments, banking, loans, credit cards, etc.) and provides a comprehensive view of your family finances.  You can monitor all your transactions from multiple accounts and even track your net worth over time.  It’s investment tracker flags excessive fees and allows you to see a snapshot of your total asset allocation across multiple investment accounts.  


Vanguard: The pioneer and industry leader in low cost index funds. The company was founded to help individual investors succeed in their retirement planning by providing simple and low-cost index funds.  If you are looking for a one stop shop for your investment solution (i.e. IRA, 401K, Brokerage, 529, etc.) look no further!  Since finding Vanguard early in our investment careers, we’ve invested most of our money with them and haven’t looked back.       


Books: I love to read.  Please see below list of books that have helped to grow our financial education.   


Blogs: The following blogs have been instrumental in helping us connect to the wider personal finance network.