slow & steady. wins the race.

In the fable tortoise and the hair, the tortoise didn’t win because he was fast. He won because though he was slow, he was steady with his progress. I firmly believe that the same lesson can be applied to our wealth building. Let me show you how.

Hi, I'm Tae Kim

I’m a Personal Finance Enthusiast, Blogger and a YouTuber.

As the name of this website implies, I firmly believe in getting rich slowly.  Slow and steady is the name of the game and I firmly believe in this mantra.

In the last decade, my wife and I had our fair share of lessons learned as we went from being under $105,000 of student loans to achieving financial security.

It took us a while.  And it took a lot of work.  However, by being patient and steady with our progress, we got there.  

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